IT Strategy, Server & Desktop Management, IT Help Desk, Remote Support & Emergency Onsite

IT Strategy

To ensure that your organization’s IT systems are developed to support current and future demand, invest in strategic IT planning. Strategic IT planning focuses on creating a maintainable IT infrastructure that will support your organization’s primary goal of providing superior customer service and being financially successful. Proper planning can help your organization design the best IT systems. Typically, larger organizations hire CIOs to take care of strategic IT planning. While smaller organizations have the same strategic IT planning needs, most make do without the expert guidance they really need. Contact us to find out more how we can help you with your IT Strategy. IT strategy planning can help your organization avoid bad IT investments. A lack of proper strategic IT planning can result in financial investments made in IT systems that are inappropriate for your organization’s long term needs. In addition, improperly IT designed systems can fail catastrophically resulting in financial loss due to loss of connectivity, data loss and corruption, and loss of reputation. Affordable IT Strategy for your Organization Sherman Networks offers a CIO caliber IT Strategy Services to small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable price. Our engineers will work with your organization to develop an IT strategy that makes the most of your IT budget while addressing current and future technology needs. While our IT Strategy Services are customized for every individual organization’s needs, we guarantee that we will build an IT Strategy tailored just for your company’s needs.


Server and Desktop Management

Prevent hardware and software failures with proactive management. Proactive server and workstation support ensure that your systems experience maximum uptime. As a component of our Managed IT Services, we offer comprehensive Server and Desktop Management. Our Server and Desktop Management solution is composed of three main support components that are administered remotely to optimize uptime and minimize inconvenience to your organization.  Software and Hardware Updates As IT support experts we recognize it is critical to update applications, apply security patches, and new malware definitions as soon as possible to protect your organization’s IT systems. In order to provide your organization with first class support, we provide a majority of our server and desktop support remotely 24/7 when it is convenient for you. Identify and address potential IT issues before they become problems. With our remote monitoring capabilities we proactively monitor your servers and desktops to identify potential issues before they become problems. In the event that we identify a potential issue, we will take care of it remotely. Systems Backups As part of our Server and Desktop Management solution we offer image-based backup and recovery. We will install a network attached storage (NAS) device on your network and use it to store images of critical servers and workstations. In the event that a server or workstation catastrophically fails, we can easily restore the backup in with a minimal interruption of services.


IT Help Desk Support

Support When one of your organization’s IT users has a question or needs help with a program or IT device, they should have immediate access to technical support regardless of whether it is day or night. IT support should always be available when you need it. Sherman Networks Help Desk support is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to help your organization’s users with their IT support needs. Any time anyone in your organization needs IT help of any kind, they can call our Help Desk and speak with a Qualified Sherman Networks engineer. Get the help you need in a language that you can understand. When your users call our Help Desk, they can be sure to have their needs understood and addressed promptly. We are able to do this because our Help Desk is staffed in the US by Sherman Networks engineers that are held to the same standards as our engineers that visit your business site. Contact us for more information. With remote monitoring you’re always covered, but in case of emergency we can also come onsite. Sherman Networks has invested in the best technologies available in order to address IT users’ problems remotely. This means that instead of having to call in to schedule an onsite visit with one of our engineers, our engineers can help your users remotely. We have in place the technologies needed to immediately assess and address your users’ server, desktop, and network issues. Still have a problem? In case of emergency we can also schedule an engineer to help you onsite.

Remote Support and Emergency Onsite

Even the most stable and patched IT systems can develop problems that need to be addressed. In the event that an unforeseen IT system error occurs, your organization needs immediate support. That’s why Sherman Networks offers Remote Support and Emergency Onsite Support. Get onsite help when phone support isn’t enough. Sherman Network’s Remote Support service is available 24/7. Around the clock support makes it possible for engineers to take care of any IT system issues as soon as they are discovered. If any part of your organization’s IT systems develop a problem, all your organization needs to do is call/email Sherman Network’s and report the issue. At that point, Sherman Networks will remotely access your organization’s IT systems and initiate Remote Support to address the problem. Contact us for more information. If IT hardware fails, schedule an onsite visit at your convenience. Because there is always a possibility that an IT system issue must be addressed onsite, Sherman Networks offers Emergency Onsite Response support. In the event that Sherman Networks engineers cannot take care of a problem remotely, our engineers will visit your organization to assess the problems and make system repairs.